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Post - Accutane Update

It's been a while since I updated my Accutane Journey, I am done with my doses of Accutane and now out of the treatment(Somehow. I will explain later.) I'm so sorry about not giving any updates about my skin. But here's a recap during my treatment.

First, I wanna show you my face BEFORE Isotretinoin or Accutane. I want you to know how BAD my skin was. Looking back at these memories made me so happy about my decision of seeing a dermatologist. I grew up without acne or pimples and I'd never imagined myself having one or more. But when I was 21 and entering adulthood, my acne began showing. How distressful, isn't it? Related Post: My Acne Story


Post - Accutane Update 

I have tried different products and any facial treatment. From organic to the most expensive I could afford. NOTHING WORKED. Finally, I decided to see a doctor. I thought my doctor would only give me topical medicines but she introduced me to Isotretinoin or popularly known as Accutane.  Knowing this drug, it has horrific side effects which I am afraid of. But she explained to me the pros and cons so I became less worried.


Post - Accutane Update

 Post - Accutane Update Post - Accutane Update

Two weeks after, I began to experience the side effects of dry... dry skin, dry hair, dry lips... I felt thirsty all the time.


Post - Accutane Update

Post - Accutane Update Post - Accutane Update

Here, I began seeing a big difference from week 2. I only had a few active acne and the rest are considered marks already. I was surprised when you can tell how much difference in the span of two weeks. There were no crazy side effects aside from being DRY. 

Post - Accutane Update


NO MORE ACTIVE ACNE. My doctor said she will not change the dose of my drug and just continue to take 20mg of Isotretinoin for four months and be back for a follow-up.

Four months past, honestly, I did not come back to my dermatologist. I was busy, I was in law school and no time. It was also the reason why I couldn't make an update.

After my last check-up, my skin became better. Acne never showed up again. Only acne marks which as of now, faded already(some of it). I'm still in the process of clearing my skin from the stupid marks. but I could say, I am now ACNE FREE and so happy to tell you I can go out now without having a heavy foundation on my face. 

Here are pictures of me during the months that I did not make an update. (These are screenshots from my phone so that you'll see the time stamp)

Post - Accutane Update Post - Accutane Update Post - Accutane Update

YESTERDAY ( July 5, 2016)
Post - Accutane Update

So, to all the girls out there suffering from acne, there is still hope. You'll get your confidence back just like me. Having acne can be stressful and depressing, but hey you can comment below if you are feeling down. I still love you.

[Just found out that after Accutane, Mosquitoes love me very much  (or this is just my theory, please comment if you experience this too) and I easily get  wounded when I scratch myself]

Post - Accutane Update

Month 2 of Accutane

Month 2 of Accutane

I think this calls for a celebration!

I went to my doctor three days ago, and finally, she said my skin is doing good. No more active acne and she told me that she will no longer change the dose of Isotretinoin. I took 20mg on my first and second month and she said it is the lowest dose but my skin reacted to it positively. I will be back for a check-up in four months! 

Month 2 of AccutaneMonth 2 of Accutane

Month 2 of AccutaneMonth 2 of Accutane

Left: After 1 month
Right: After 2 months

Seeing improvements in two months is incredible. I still have acne marks but I don't care because this is so much better than seeing my red bumpy face. Acne marks will fade over time. 

Again, I was extremely dry and this time it becomes itchy. My skin on my nose and cheeks was micro-peeling. I was using the prescribed Hypo-Liquid Soap by my dermatologist as a facial wash, I have been using this since Day 1 and I am telling you it is not enough, so I use Celeteque Facial Moisturizer of their "Hydration" product line. It is non-comedogenic so that I won't be worried to get clogged pores. So for my body, I was using Dove Soap Bar and it does its job.

Now, I receive compliments about my skin and how good looking it is than my before-Accutane-skin. It gives me reassurance that in time my skin will be fresh and good as new. I am getting my confidence back since I can go out now, even without a make-up. Seriously, I am tired hiding my true skin so hopefully, when I finish this treatment, my skin will be better.

What do you think on my journey? If you are suffering from acne feel free to leave a comment and share your experience. 

First Month of Accutane

First Month of Accutane

Hello there, I am here again to update you guys on my Accutane Journey.

I told you in my last update that I experience a terrible headache on the first try. Then as I take it every day, I started to get really dry lips and skin, and two ore more acne was active.  Aside from those, I haven't experienced anything else. But it was only 2 weeks of medication. Now, I finished 1 month of Accutane, 20mg a day.

Here is the Before and After picture.

First Month of AccutaneFirst Month of Accutane
Right Cheek
First Month of AccutaneFirst Month of Accutane
Left Cheek
First Month of AccutaneFirst Month of Accutane

If you will look carefully, there's a big change. Let us compare my Before (photo on my last update: Day 15) and After (photo I took after a month of Accutane.) I don't know if I will say that it is an improvement. 

On my forehead, yes it is improving because on my Before photo I have 3 active zits and on my After photo, I can only see one but it is not red. It looks like it is becoming an acne mark. 

Look closely at my right cheek, it has gotten worst! Before photos have only 2 active zits and few acne marks. On my After photo, there is one acne but I had a lot of acne marks which you can tell that I had acne in the span of 2 weeks.

On my other cheek, this is really improving. No active zits and the acne marks are fading.

I had my check-up done 3 days ago. I have a new set of Accutane in 20mg to take every day. My doctor also gave me an Antibacterial cream for my active acne. Instead of Acne Gel, I will use the Antibacterial cream for spot treatment. Aside from the cream, I have to take Antibacterial tablets twice a day for a week. The cream and the tablet will help my acne not to become infected or as we see it, sore and red.

If there still one to three zits showing, then my doctor will increase the dosage of my Accutane.
Another meaning of this is "get ready, side effects will get worst!" So I have to be ready for that. So far, I don't experience anything aside from the side effects I have mentioned before.

It is true that this treatment will give you struggle. Like other bloggers say, it is no joke. But hey, there comes a rainbow after the rain. Til next update guys! 

It's Day 15

I was excited to start the treatment because I am getting tired struggling with acne. (Related Story: My Acne Story) Just so you know, Accutane is the last resort to treat acne. It is a strong drug which gives you side effects that can damage your health or can even be the cause of your death. Extreme dryness, blurry vision, severe headache and sometimes depression. These are just some of the side effects Accutane can give you.

On my first week on Accutane, I experienced a terrible headache. My doctor said that I should stop taking Accutane whenever I felt a severe headache. I didn't stop taking it, but I observed if I will experience it again, luckily, it only happened one time. Maybe my body was just getting used to Accutane.

The second week was worse! I started to get dry and my skin was getting worst. I was breaking out. I got four bumps on my face, two on my back, one in my ear but it was not painful. It was not sore but it was red. I read some articles online that Accutane will make skin worse during the first month of treatment.


I did not feel any other side effects aside from dryness. I do feel extremely dry. My lips are getting chapped, my legs are getting scaly and I feel thirsty most of the time. The Araderm Ointment is my saver for my dry lips.

Two weeks is not enough to see the results. I am on a long journey and the first two weeks gave me learning experience how should I be used to Accutane. There will be more side effects to experience neither physical nor psychological. Slowly, I will be becoming fragile, sensitive and emotional, that is why I need to be ready on these. I know that there are still zits on my face but I am still holding hopes and I want to stay positive that I will see results soon.

My Acne Story

My Acne Story

If there is one thing I could tell my younger self that will be -- love your skin.

I enjoyed my teenage years not putting any product on my face neither to visit facial centers and a dermatologist. I grew up having the thought that I don't need to take care of my skin too much. So the need for facial products like foam cleansers, toner, sunblock, etc. never crossed my mind.

I was 19 when I started having a red bump on my face. No big deal, as if it will be all over my face. This was the time I became engaged in facial products. I used ordinary soap to cleanse and MaxiPeel Cleanser to tone or clean my face. Luckily, that one big red spot said bye but it left a big black mark. It was a disaster! even concealer cannot cover it. Then, I heard of this eRaser product endorsed by Toni Gonzaga, which claims to lighten dark spots in two weeks. I used it. It worked but not really in two weeks. From time to time, acne says hello to me and I became reliant on the products I mentioned.

And here the real journey begins...

It was June - July of 2015, I was 20, my period was delayed for three weeks. One thing scares me. No period = Pregnant. In fact, my period is ALWAYS regular, though I am a heavy bleeder. So, I got scared and I visited an Ob-Gyn. No, I am not pregnant but she found out that I have an infection and probably it is the reason why my flow never came. She prescribed medication, an antibiotic and Provera (generic name: MedroxyprogesteroneThis is a hormone pill. It was given to me to treat my hormonal imbalance.

I got my period. BUT. Pimples started growing on my forehead and stayed there forever!

At first, It did not bother me. Then I realized to start doing something because it is getting WORSE!
I purchased the Anti-Acne Set of Celeteque because I heard a lot of positive reviews about it. I used it for over a month, nope it did not work for me.

Watch here my Skin Care Morning Routine ft. Celeteque and see how ugly my face because of my acne.

I even tried using bar soap like SafeGuard, Dr Alvin All in 1 Placenta set - Professional Skin Care Formula , Maxi-Peel and Flawless Anti-Acne Kit and Facial Treatment! None of these products worked on my problem. As my acne getting worst, I still couldn't find the right product to use.

But there were two products who work wonders for my acne!
Yes, these two were my companions for months. I use the Pond's Acne Clear Foam Cleanser at morning and night. While the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar to spot treat my active acne at night and it works like magic. One thing I hate about this Apple Cider Vinegar is it smells so bad even you put just a very tiny amount.

These two work for the outside and not the inside. Acne grows, I used these two, acne dried out, here comes another. It is like a cycle. And I am getting tired of it.

After two years of struggling, fighting, and finding the right product, I went to a dermatologist for a consultation. Yes, it is PRICEY but for now, I want to make sure I will say bye to my acne FOREVER!


On my first consultation, she gave me a prescription of Cloxacillin, basically, it is an antibiotic, which I need to take three times a day after meals for two weeks. Then, she gave me Clarifying Lotion # 1 and Acne Gel for spot treatment. She also told me that I will undergo a Tretinoin treatment or Accutane for 6 months so I have to monitor my Laboratory results, something for the blood and liver. The next consultation is in two weeks.

My Acne StoryMy Acne Story

With the antibiotic and topical treatments, I could tell that it got better. No more swollen red spots. Only the prominent dark spots which I know it is really hard to get rid off.

Left. Before treatment. Right. After two weeks of treatment.

On my second consultation, my doctor told me that I should avoid fatty foods. No more acne just marks. She said to just continue using Clarifying Lotion #2 and the Acne Gel but she gave me another product, the Hypo Liquid Soap. I got curious about the formula for this product and I found out that this product's formula almost the same with the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser.


I mentioned earlier that I will undergo Accutane treatment, on my second consultation, she already gave me a prescription for this treatment.

My Acne Story

One Isotretinoin pill a day for one month.

There are some precautions taking this medicine, if it happens you should STOP taking it. First, you should not be pregnant and avoid getting pregnant for one year. Second, do not take if you are having blurring visions especially at night. Third, severe redness of the skin, headache and back pain.
My doctor also said that it is acceptable to have dry lips and drying of skin when under medication of Isotretinoin. To prevent dry lips, she gave me  Araderm Ointment 2.

My Acne Story

It is Day 1 of taking Isotretinoin. Good thing I haven't had redness, blurry vision, and headache. It is only Day 1, I don't know where this treatment will take me. We'll see.

I will give you more update on this journey and hopefully, acne is gone by then.

Talk to you later!