5 Ways To Update Your Home for Fall 2019

Do you want your home to feel fresh this fall? Seasonal updates are a great way to create a new look and feel without breaking the bank or taking on a major renovation project just before the holidays. Consider these five contemporary autumn upgrades from seasoned interior designers Los Angeles.

A Touch of Velvet
Luxe fabrics have been hot for some time now, and soft, supple velvet is the ideal choice for fall 2019. Add a cozy throw to your bed or sofa, invest in velvet pillow covers or even give your living room a sophisticated update with velvet drapes. Dark, moody colors will set the tone for crisp autumn air and relaxing nights by the fire. Think deep, saturated hues of terracotta, indigo and forest green.

5 Ways To Update Your Home for Fall 2019

Copper and Brass Accents
You'll be surprised at how new hardware can give any room in your home a whole new look. When it comes to metallic accents for fall 2019, forget last year's rose gold and polished chrome. The warmth of brass and copper is the perfect way to add a welcoming air to your space as autumn approaches. Add these lush metal tones to drawer pulls, light fixtures, bathroom, and kitchen accessories and sculptural artwork. Kitchen Design Los Angeles is rife with burnished and matte finishes rather than the gleaming surfaces that were once ubiquitous. Not crazy about warm finishes? Pewter and gunmetal accents will also be popular in the coming seasons. Mixed metals provide bohemian appeal and depth.
5 Ways To Update Your Home for Fall 2019

Bold Wallpaper and Artwork

Bigger is better when it comes to prints for fall 2019. Floral wallpaper is a mainstay, but that doesn't mean you have to replicate your grandmother's dining room pattern. Instead, go for striking shades of vibrant color and large patterns that add interest and space to an accent wall, backsplash or powder room. Don't feel like tackling wallpaper? Opt for large framed art prints that offer a similar effect. Trade-in tired, trite inspirational graphics ("Live, Laugh, Love," anyone?) for nature photographs and abstract paintings. Geometric patterns bring back the 70s better than your aunt's Grateful Dead poster and look much better on your walls.

Natural Textures
Organic materials like wood, stone, and rattan bring unmatched warmth to any interior. Mix and match textures for the most contemporary feel, from woven upholstery and baskets to a reclaimed pine coffee table. Take it to the next level with real greenery that complements the gorgeous hues of the changing leaves outdoors or go faux if you're not the best plant parent.

Plaid Everything
Flannel in various styles of plaid has been back in a big way for several seasons, so it was only a matter of time before the pattern was reflected in home decor. Keep it modern by sticking to styles that incorporate no more than two colors rather than a jumble of contrasting shades. Look for plaid rugs, accent chairs and even curtains for a fresh, contemporary take on this country classic.

An interior designer Beverly Hills can help you implement the fall upgrades that make sense for your space. Look forward to spending your autumn and winter indoors enjoying your home's new aesthetic.