5 Tips for Throwing a Texas Sized, Vintage Themed Party

5 Tips for Throwing a Texas-Sized, Vintage Themed Party

Everything's bigger in Texas, and that includes the parties. The next time you're knee-deep in vintage-themed party planning and event rentals Houston
, keep these five tips in mind.

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1. Don't Limit Yourself to Decades

When most people think of vintage party themes, they think of decades, such as the Roaring '20s. Instead of using an entire 10-year period as your
inspiration, narrow your focus. Choose a historical event, for example, such as the doomed, romantic glamor of the Titanic. Choose a cultural trend,
like hair metal. Choose a classic film, TV show, or book and set your party's theme in that universe.

Don't confine your idea of "vintage" too big chunks of the 20th century, either. Go way, way back in time for a party theme that evokes the legacy of
ancient Rome or the ale-soaked chaos of the Middle Ages that followed.

2. Set the Scene

Décor that fits your party's motif is crucial to a successful vintage theme party. If there's one area of your party planning to embrace the quintessentially
Texas idea of "Go big or go home," this is it.

Ideally, you want your guests transported to another time and place. That means no red Solo cups unless you're throwing an American Pie-themed
kegger. Instead, enlist the help of Archive vintage party rentals for tableware, furniture, and accessories to keep your party
fabulously faithful to its time period.

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3. Curate the Soundtrack

Once you have your space kitted out with period-appropriate furniture and décor, it's time to crank up the tunes. Select music that matches your party's theme.
If you're throwing a Victorian garden party, leave Ariana Grande out of it. Don't know where to start? Many streaming services feature curated playlists that
can serve as inspiration.

Hiring a DJ might be an option too. Just make your preferences clear upfront to prevent Post Malone from crashing your 1930s art deco birthday bash for Grandma

4. Look the Part

Costumes are a must-have for any vintage theme party. Think about it: What's the point in transforming your space into a lustrous 1920s speakeasy if everybody
shows up in shorts and sundresses? Let guests know that there's a dress code up front and set the bar high with your own apparel.

Alternately, you might provide guests with props they can wear or use throughout the party. If you were throwing that speakeasy soiree, for example, a small
stockpile of fedoras and feather boas could go a long way toward setting the smoky nightclub tone.

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5. Stock the Bar With Specialty Cocktails

Specialty cocktails and soft drinks tailored to your party's vintage theme are an excellent — and easy — way to infuse a little extra flavor into your event.
If you're hiring a bartender, collaborate with him or her on a drink personalized to fit the party's motif or the guest of honor. In a pinch, a clever rebranding of an existing cocktail will work too.

When it comes to hosting a throwback party, the fun is all in the details — not just for your guests, but also for you. Enlist the help of Austin party rentals
the next time you're looking to plan a Texas-sized party with a lavish vintage theme.