I am a Law Student

How will I begin? Hmm...

In 2016, I had a big leap to start my dream come true to become a lawyer (my parents' too). I passed the entrance examination for Saint Louis University School of Law. How can I forget the time I knew that I passed, I jumped so many times and screamed so loud. My heart was filled with joy. At that moment, I think I made the best decision of my life to continue my student life in law school. No matter how hard and long is the process. (Related video:  I AM GOING TO LAW SCHOOL (Experience + Isai Rivera) // ZAM F)

I am a Law Student - Zam Fuellos

Studying law, based on my experience, is not really easy. All they said about law school before entering into was a lot worse than I thought. Adjusting was my enemy because I am not used to a lot of reading assignments and such studying habits. It was slowly killing me. I finished my first semester but I got two failing grades. It seemed like it was the end of my world. All the questions started to build up in my head ... was this worth it? where did I make a mistake? Nevertheless, I never gave up and finished my second semester strong with no failing grade.

I had to enroll in the 'short-term' or what they call 'summer classes', so I can finish everything (all my failed subjects) quickly.

Then, the struggle began. I was trusting the process of the days and nights of studying. But, believe me, I was not mentally prepared. All I feel was, I was empty and tired. One day, I just broke down while taking my quiz, so I walked out and never came back. It was like someone was screaming into my inner self that "I NEED A BREAK". So I did.

The time off law school was not a waste of time because I've learned something. I've realized that becoming a lawyer doesn't happen just a snap. It takes time. And studying law doesn't only need you to be physically healthy but also mentally healthy. Sometimes you have to need a break even you feel that you don't have to.

After six months off my books and case briefs, here I am... AGAIN. Standing up for myself. School will start in less than a week and so I decided this new topic on my blog to keep me motivated and inspire all the inspiring lawyers out there. Also, writing improves my mental health. :)

I hope you guys will be with me on this journey!



Month 2 of Accutane

Month 2 of Accutane

I think this calls for a celebration!

I went to my doctor three days ago, and finally, she said my skin is doing good. No more active acne and she told me that she will no longer change the dose of Isotretinoin. I took 20mg on my first and second month and she said it is the lowest dose but my skin reacted to it positively. I will be back for a check-up in four months! 

Month 2 of AccutaneMonth 2 of Accutane

Month 2 of AccutaneMonth 2 of Accutane

Left: After 1 month
Right: After 2 months

Seeing improvements in two months is incredible. I still have acne marks but I don't care because this is so much better than seeing my red bumpy face. Acne marks will fade over time. 

Again, I was extremely dry and this time it becomes itchy. My skin on my nose and cheeks was micro-peeling. I was using the prescribed Hypo-Liquid Soap by my dermatologist as a facial wash, I have been using this since Day 1 and I am telling you it is not enough, so I use Celeteque Facial Moisturizer of their "Hydration" product line. It is non-comedogenic so that I won't be worried to get clogged pores. So for my body, I was using Dove Soap Bar and it does its job.

Now, I receive compliments about my skin and how good looking it is than my before-Accutane-skin. It gives me reassurance that in time my skin will be fresh and good as new. I am getting my confidence back since I can go out now, even without a make-up. Seriously, I am tired hiding my true skin so hopefully, when I finish this treatment, my skin will be better.

What do you think on my journey? If you are suffering from acne feel free to leave a comment and share your experience.