Got my Passport!

We all dream to travel the world. I want to see the beauty of our world.

At my age, I have never been out of my country, the Philippines. Since I never experienced to travel, riding an airplane is one of my fear. I would consider myself as an adventurer and explorer. I would love to try new things and I want to experience other countries' culture.

I told myself that I should make a step to fulfill my dream, and that is getting a passport.

I was a first-time applicant, so I had no idea what the passport requirements are so I searched for them and stumbled upon these:

  • Personal appearance
  • Confirmed appointment
  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid picture IDs and supporting documents to prove identity
It was July 2017 when I keep checking on Department of Foreign Affairs' website to make an appointment.  Unfortunately, all the days were full. Months passed. It was September when I got lucky. I set my appointment on October 18, 2pm at DFA Megamall.
I prepared all the requirements that I will submit.
  1. Application Form
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. NBI Clearance
  4. Transcript of Record
  5. SSS E-1 Form
  6. and ID's -- in this case, I prepared three ID's -- my old college ID, my old employment ID and BIR ID (they no longer accept BIR ID as valid ID, but it is still listed on DFA's website. Check the list of acceptable ID's here.)
I came 30 minutes early on my appointment time. What would I expect? Long lines and queues but I commend DFA Megamall's service. The process was smooth and organized. There are five steps for the processing:
  1. Verification of Appointment
  2. Checking of Requirements
  3. Payment
  4. Encoding
  5. Shipping (Optional)
I paid Php950.00 for a normal processing which you will get your passport after 15 working days, earlier or later. There is rush processing wherein you will pay Php1,200.00. And I chose to ship because this is more convenient of receiving my passport. I paid Php150.00 for shipping.  Php1,100.00 in total.

After exactly two weeks, I already received my passport.

Now, Zam is ready to take off!

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