Liebster Award 2017 Nomination

Today, I mark my one month in the blogosphere, Happy first month The Lost Deity. As for the celebration of my young space, I am glad to tell my readers that I am nominated for The Liebster Award 2017. The award is a way to be discovered by the blogging community an can only be won by small bloggers.

I would like to thank Marni of That Blue Flower for nominating me. Marni is from South Africa who blogs about her experiences, you should check her blog! Again thanks, Marni. I never expected to be chosen, I couldn't explain my happiness that my blog was noticed. I consider it as my first milestone. 

Liebster Award 2017 Nomination

My Favorite Blog

I learned about blogging because of my uncle. He has his own travel blog, The Pinoy Explorer. His blog is my favorite blog. Because of my uncle and his blog, I dreamt to have one.  A month ago, I made one of my dreams come true, that is to put up a lifestyle blog --- The Lost Deity was born. This blog would not be made possible because of my favorite uncle… oops, my favorite blogger.

He is truly an inspiration for young bloggers like me and the blogging community. He has a travel blog highlight Filipino culture and heritage; in fact, these travels were done because of his real job in a non-government organization. This blog will be 10 years old next year and I am happy to say that I look up on to this blog.

Hoping that my blog would also be like his… not now, but maybe 5 years from now. 

10 Facts About Me

1. I study Law.
2. One of my dreams is to write and publish my fictional book.
3. I am obsessed with pens... the colorful ones. 
4. I love winter, but I don't live in a country with a winter season.
5. I was a ballet dancer.
6. Coffee above anything else.
7. I am addicted to rubbing alcohol.
8. I love winter but I also love summer because it is BEACH TIME!
9. I am so Pessimistic and I hate it.
10. I am engaged.

My Liebster Award Nominees

Congratulations! Please visit The Official Rules of Liebster Award 2017 to check for the guidelines.

For the nominees, I have 5 questions for you to answer to be written in your blog post.

1. Why do you blog?
2. What is your blog all about?
3. Favorite song and color as of the moment.
4. If you are given round-trip tickets for free, where do you wanna go and why?
5. How do you imagine your proposal? If you are already engaged, how did it happen?

Post your blog post link about The Liebster Award Nomination in the comments below so I can view your post and check out your blog.

First Month of Accutane

First Month of Accutane

Hello there, I am here again to update you guys on my Accutane Journey.

I told you in my last update that I experience a terrible headache on the first try. Then as I take it every day, I started to get really dry lips and skin, and two ore more acne was active.  Aside from those, I haven't experienced anything else. But it was only 2 weeks of medication. Now, I finished 1 month of Accutane, 20mg a day.

Here is the Before and After picture.

First Month of AccutaneFirst Month of Accutane
Right Cheek
First Month of AccutaneFirst Month of Accutane
Left Cheek
First Month of AccutaneFirst Month of Accutane

If you will look carefully, there's a big change. Let us compare my Before (photo on my last update: Day 15) and After (photo I took after a month of Accutane.) I don't know if I will say that it is an improvement. 

On my forehead, yes it is improving because on my Before photo I have 3 active zits and on my After photo, I can only see one but it is not red. It looks like it is becoming an acne mark. 

Look closely at my right cheek, it has gotten worst! Before photos have only 2 active zits and few acne marks. On my After photo, there is one acne but I had a lot of acne marks which you can tell that I had acne in the span of 2 weeks.

On my other cheek, this is really improving. No active zits and the acne marks are fading.

I had my check-up done 3 days ago. I have a new set of Accutane in 20mg to take every day. My doctor also gave me an Antibacterial cream for my active acne. Instead of Acne Gel, I will use the Antibacterial cream for spot treatment. Aside from the cream, I have to take Antibacterial tablets twice a day for a week. The cream and the tablet will help my acne not to become infected or as we see it, sore and red.

If there still one to three zits showing, then my doctor will increase the dosage of my Accutane.
Another meaning of this is "get ready, side effects will get worst!" So I have to be ready for that. So far, I don't experience anything aside from the side effects I have mentioned before.

It is true that this treatment will give you struggle. Like other bloggers say, it is no joke. But hey, there comes a rainbow after the rain. Til next update guys! 

Christmas Wishlist 2017

Hey there guys! We are only counting few days and it is finally Christmas! I guess that you are pretty busy now, shopping for gifts! Of course, aside from giving, I know you guys would love to receive presents! So do I, that is why I am going to share what would be on my Christmas Wishlist this 2017. I just have few items here and all of it can be found on Amazon. I did not put much because I think these are the things I would really need in the future and at the same time wanting to have. Just scroll ahead and you might want one of the items.

I want to have these Bluetooth headphones, because why not? It matches my favorite color lately and that is rose gold! Waah, if only you can hear me screaming because I want these so bad!  I am the type of person who listens to music whenever I study, so I think these headphones will be useful for me. It is perfect and beautiful AND it is really affordable!

It is time to release the hidden hippie inside me, I think it is cool to have this Lightbox in my room. What I like about this Lightbox, it comes with a total of 109 letters, numbers and symbols. I can put motivational words or display the words that inspire me. 

Are you obsessed having a notebook? Do you own notebooks and you end up not writing on it? Well, I am the type of that girl. I buy tons of notebooks, notepads, and journals, and I only want to use them as a display because it is too cute and sometimes the words on it are very motivational and inspirational. So this one would be perfect to put on my desk and motivate me to work like a boss.

If someone will give me a robe this Christmas, it will be my very first robe. No kidding! I am not a robe person, but I think it is the time to change that this coming new year. To receive a robe this year is a perfect timing. 

The first time I saw this on Amazon, ohhh God! I want it... and I need it. We don't have winter here in the Philippines but there are places here that become colder in the month of January to February, for example, in the city of Baguio, the temperature drops at 5-7 degrees. And starting January of 2018, I will be staying in Baguio City for good! Having this one will help me to stay warm.

Just like any other girl, I love shoes and any kind of shoes. I already have black boots so I guess, it is time to have a different color? 

7.  Unicorn Adult Onesie $23.99
I have told you that I will be staying in Baguio City with a colder weather. Having a onesie will make my life cozy. Ohhh that rhymed. But yeah, I wanna snuggle with my onesie.

These highlighters are perfect because there will be tons of readings this coming January! I will tell you soon why. But first, I need these pretty highlighters!

Recently, I discovered the beauty of not washing hair every day. Yes, my locks are definitely looking good on day 2 or 3 of not washing it, but I hate the feeling of having an oily scalp. I heard this brand is good and I want to try it.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Finally, it is now December! I couldn't imagine that Christmas is fast approaching.

We all know that Christmas is the season of giving and every year we all make time for Christmas shopping for gifts. Giving gifts is your way to tell them they are special. Sometimes we came to the point that we wouldn't know what to give to our loved ones, but seriously, anything will do because it is the thought that counts. So, to make it easy for you. Here are some Christmas gifts ideas for him and for her, so what are you waiting for, scroll over and take a look at my top favorites!

Don't worry, I know these items are my top picks from Amazon, but these gift ideas are lovely to give and receive.

Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Cupture Crystal Click & Seal Shake Tumbler Cup for Hot or Cold Drinks
2. Anne Klein Women's Rose Gold-Tone Watch
3. Steve Madden Womens Satchel
4. Bluetooth Speakers
5. Winter Fuzzy Socks
6. Women Originals Women's Adilette Slides
7. 2018 Calendar Year Daily Planner
8. Boss Lady Pen Set
9. Wet N Wild Mega Glow Highlighter
10. Varsity Bomber Jacket
11. Pink Eyelashes Gold Coffee Mug
12. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick
13. Ectogasm Punk Rock Feminist Quote Banner Enamel Pin
14. Makeup Bag with Chain Shoulder Strap and Makeup Brush Set
15. You Got This Print Art Decor
16. Aluminum Laptop Stand

Christmas Gift Ideas

What's in my Makeup Bag?

If you don't know guys, I suffer from acne and I undergo Accutane treatment. This past three weeks I have gotten a different makeup routine because I want to lessen using makeup products on my face while on treatment. I want to figure out whether the treatment is really working or not. Since a lot has changed, I will be showing you what is in my makeup bag.

Learn How to Organize your Makeup Bag

So, these are the products I am using recently. These are my go-to picks for my everyday look.

Let us start with the face. If there is an occasion or important meeting I wear foundation and concealer. Acne is visible on my forehead and cheeks that is why I crossed out foundation and concealer for everyday use. To prime my face, I use Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer . I am using Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Plus Poreless Foundation. I know that this foundation is not good for dry skin. I haven't changed my foundation yet. I have been using this product even before my Accutane Treatment. For concealer, I am loving this L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Creamy Beige, it does not crease, stays on my face longer, and does magic on my undereye. To set the foundation and concealer I am using Nichido's pressed powder (local Philippine Product.)

For my eyebrows, I recently discovered this Maybelline Brow Shape Duo, I finished one so I am getting another one. To line and create my beautiful cat-eye, I wear Maybelline New York's Hyperink Eyeliner and Lash Sensational Volume Mascara by Maybelline  for my lashes.

To bring back color to my cheeks, I love using this Maybelline Color Show Blush  partnered with  Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter to give me some glow on my face.


To complete my everyday natural look, I wear this Maybelline Color Sensational Inti-Matte Nudes Lipstick.

Maybelline IntiMatte

How about you, do you have these products on your makeup bag?

Experience Filipino Culture at Villa Escudero

Experience Filipino Culture at Villa Escudero

Just a two-hour drive from Manila, you'll reach Villa Escudero. It started as a coconut plantation owned by Don Placido Escudero and his wife Dona Claudia Marasigan. It was opened to the public in the 1980s and has become a tourist destination for balikbayans and foreigners to the country. Villa Escudero showcases Philippines' culture, history, and cuisine.

Last November 16, my family and I, together with our balikbayan relatives went there for a Day Tour Package.

For a Day Tour Package, you will time travel because of the rustic Philippine setting. You will experience the tales of your grandmother how simple life was. Be fascinated when you walk through the Escudero Family privates museum which houses their antique collection. Enjoy the Philippine cultural show. Gauge your rafting skills on their native bamboo raft and have a refreshing dip in their swimming pools. And of course, dine on their famous Labasin Waterfall Restaurant.

Experience Filipino Culture at Villa Escudero
Carabao Cart
Experience Filipino Culture at Villa Escudero
The Museum. Picture taking is not allowed inside.
Experience Filipino Culture at Villa Escudero
Labasin Waterfall Restaurant
Villa Escudero became known because of its restaurant where you can sit at the foot of a waterfall while you enjoy your favorite local cuisine. This is definitely the reason why guests keep on coming back. Aside from its uniqueness, it is relaxing and refreshing. You cannot only eat but also take a refreshing bath at the falls' cold water.

Feast with different Filipino dishes while soaking your feet!

Experience Filipino Culture at Villa Escudero

I highly recommend this resort to balikbayans who left the Philippines for a very long time or foreigners who want to experience Filipino culture. It is definitely worth it to give a try!

Aside from Day Tour Package, Villa Escudero offers accommodations for guests who would love to stay longer and create beautiful memories in a rustic Philippines setting.

To inquire about rates, availability or promo, check the link below.

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

Or contact them on these numbers:
  • +63 (02) 523-0392
  • +63 (02) 521-0830
  • +63 (02) 523-2944
  • +63 917-583-7727
  • +63 919-993-4744
  • +63 923-741-0605

Book your hotel using TravelBook

It's Day 15

I was excited to start the treatment because I am getting tired struggling with acne. (Related Story: My Acne Story) Just so you know, Accutane is the last resort to treat acne. It is a strong drug which gives you side effects that can damage your health or can even be the cause of your death. Extreme dryness, blurry vision, severe headache and sometimes depression. These are just some of the side effects Accutane can give you.

On my first week on Accutane, I experienced a terrible headache. My doctor said that I should stop taking Accutane whenever I felt a severe headache. I didn't stop taking it, but I observed if I will experience it again, luckily, it only happened one time. Maybe my body was just getting used to Accutane.

The second week was worse! I started to get dry and my skin was getting worst. I was breaking out. I got four bumps on my face, two on my back, one in my ear but it was not painful. It was not sore but it was red. I read some articles online that Accutane will make skin worse during the first month of treatment.


I did not feel any other side effects aside from dryness. I do feel extremely dry. My lips are getting chapped, my legs are getting scaly and I feel thirsty most of the time. The Araderm Ointment is my saver for my dry lips.

Two weeks is not enough to see the results. I am on a long journey and the first two weeks gave me learning experience how should I be used to Accutane. There will be more side effects to experience neither physical nor psychological. Slowly, I will be becoming fragile, sensitive and emotional, that is why I need to be ready on these. I know that there are still zits on my face but I am still holding hopes and I want to stay positive that I will see results soon.

3D2N in Puerto Galera

For a first-timer, I consider Puerto Galera a paradise. Why? When I was there it gave me activities I have never done before. This place is only a few hours from Manila and you've got to experience the thing you have never done before.

My friend and I went there and stayed for 3 days and 2 night. Who would have thought that we had so much of time to do the activities. Just keep on reading because I will be sharing our Itinerary. but before that, you can check my blog post for Puerto Galera Travel Guide.

06:30-07:00  Breakfast 
07:00-09:30  Travel to Batangas Pier
09:30-10:30  Buy tickets and waiting for the boat
10:30-10:45  Boarding of Passengers
10:45-12:30  Trave time to Puerto Galera
12:30             Arrived safely at White Beach
12:30-13:30  Lunch
13:30-14:00  Going to the Hotel
14:00             Check-in at the Hotel
14:00-16:00  Photo op at our Hotel
16:00-23:00  Feeling the beach, dinner, watch the fire dancers, and drink by the beach
23:00-23:30  Back at the Hotel
23:30             Bedtime

Arrival at White Beach - Day 1

Puerto Galera - Day 1
As you can see, we did not do much on Day 1 because we will have our activity the next day. We just had our time to feel the waves. Seriously, this is relaxing. It felt like you got no worries and left all your problems in Manila.

06:30-07:00  Wake-up call
07:00-09:30  Breakfast
09:30-10:00  Getting ready for the day while waiting for the tricycle
10:00-13:00  Activities: Snorkeling(Coral Garden, Giant Clam), Fish Feeding, Underwater Cave, side trip to Sandbar for a Photo op
13:30             Back to the shore
13:30-15:30  Lunch and then rest
15:30-19:00  Checking souvenirs + Swimming at White Beach
19:00             Dinner time
19:00-22:00  Feeling the beach, dinner, watch the fire dancers, and drink by the beach
22:00-22:30  Back at the Hotel
23:00             Bedtime

Before our Activity - Day 2
Fish Feeding - Day 2
We had our activity in the morning, snorkeling, fish feeding and going to underwater cave. On this day, we spend time at the beach but if we are not thinking of our budget, we should have taken the opportunity going to different waterfalls. If I were you, you should go on water activities in the morning and land activities in the afternoon. And, I will tell you Day 2 will be enough for all the activities.

Day 3
06:30-07:00  Wake-up call
07:00-09:30  Breakfast
09:30-10:00  Getting ready for the day
10:00-12:30  Activities: Talipanan Falls, Swimming, and last Photo op             
12:30-13:30  Lunch
13:30-14:30  Time to pack, take a bath and check-out
15:00             Leaving Puerto Galera

Beach Bumming - Day 3
Our check-out was supposed to be 12 noon but, we were lucky that our Hotel was very accommodating. Since they let us stay until after 12 noon, we had an opportunity to see Talipanan Falls and swim by the serene beach of Talipanan.

I hate saying goodbyes but our stay 3D2N in Puerto Galera gave us so much time to stay away from all our stressful life in the city and making us stay longer, but we can't because holidays are over.

Til next time Puerto Galera!

Puerto Galera Travel Guide

For people who want to experience beach party on a tight budget, I think Puerto Galera is a place for you. Located in Oriental Mindoro, Puerto Galera is only 3 to 4 hours away from Metro Manila. 

Puerto Galera Travel Guide

How to get there?

From Pasay (LRT Buendia):

You have to take a bus bound to Batangas Pier/Calabarzon. There are many bus terminals bound to Batangas Pier but personally, I chose JAC Liner. Usually, these buses bound to Batangas Pier are parked near Mcdo Buendia. The fare is Php 177.00 for the aircon bus without comfort room and with comfort room, yes, the fare is just the same, you are lucky if you ride the bus with a comfort room. Travel time to Batangas Pier is 2 hours. So I suggest be there as early as 7:00 am, the bus leaves every 30 minutes or as soon as all seats are occupied.

Batangas Pier to White Beach, Puerto Galera:

Galerian Shipping Lines
Galerian Lines to Puerto Galera
Round-trip Ticket
Round-trip Tickets to Puerto Galera

There are many shipping lines going to Puerto Galera (Father and Son, Minolo, Galerian, FSL,
etc.) these boats will take you directly to Muelle Port or White Beach. The fare is Php 500.00 for a round-trip ticket and one-way is around Php 275.00. I suggest getting the round-trip ticket because it will be cheaper. Also, you have to pay Php 30.00 for the terminal fee.

Upon arrival in White Beach, you need to pay Php 50.00 for Environmental Fee.

There are tricycles to take you around in Puerto Galera. The fare will cost you around Php 100.00 to 150.00 for short distance.

Got my Passport!

We all dream to travel the world. I want to see the beauty of our world.

At my age, I have never been out of my country, the Philippines. Since I never experienced to travel, riding an airplane is one of my fear. I would consider myself as an adventurer and explorer. I would love to try new things and I want to experience other countries' culture.

I told myself that I should make a step to fulfill my dream, and that is getting a passport.

I was a first-time applicant, so I had no idea what the passport requirements are so I searched for them and stumbled upon these:

  • Personal appearance
  • Confirmed appointment
  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid picture IDs and supporting documents to prove identity
It was July 2017 when I keep checking on Department of Foreign Affairs' website to make an appointment.  Unfortunately, all the days were full. Months passed. It was September when I got lucky. I set my appointment on October 18, 2pm at DFA Megamall.
I prepared all the requirements that I will submit.
  1. Application Form
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. NBI Clearance
  4. Transcript of Record
  5. SSS E-1 Form
  6. and ID's -- in this case, I prepared three ID's -- my old college ID, my old employment ID and BIR ID (they no longer accept BIR ID as valid ID, but it is still listed on DFA's website. Check the list of acceptable ID's here.)
I came 30 minutes early on my appointment time. What would I expect? Long lines and queues but I commend DFA Megamall's service. The process was smooth and organized. There are five steps for the processing:
  1. Verification of Appointment
  2. Checking of Requirements
  3. Payment
  4. Encoding
  5. Shipping (Optional)
I paid Php950.00 for a normal processing which you will get your passport after 15 working days, earlier or later. There is rush processing wherein you will pay Php1,200.00. And I chose to ship because this is more convenient of receiving my passport. I paid Php150.00 for shipping.  Php1,100.00 in total.

After exactly two weeks, I already received my passport.

Now, Zam is ready to take off!

My Acne Story

My Acne Story

If there is one thing I could tell my younger self that will be -- love your skin.

I enjoyed my teenage years not putting any product on my face neither to visit facial centers and a dermatologist. I grew up having the thought that I don't need to take care of my skin too much. So the need for facial products like foam cleansers, toner, sunblock, etc. never crossed my mind.

I was 19 when I started having a red bump on my face. No big deal, as if it will be all over my face. This was the time I became engaged in facial products. I used ordinary soap to cleanse and MaxiPeel Cleanser to tone or clean my face. Luckily, that one big red spot said bye but it left a big black mark. It was a disaster! even concealer cannot cover it. Then, I heard of this eRaser product endorsed by Toni Gonzaga, which claims to lighten dark spots in two weeks. I used it. It worked but not really in two weeks. From time to time, acne says hello to me and I became reliant on the products I mentioned.

And here the real journey begins...

It was June - July of 2015, I was 20, my period was delayed for three weeks. One thing scares me. No period = Pregnant. In fact, my period is ALWAYS regular, though I am a heavy bleeder. So, I got scared and I visited an Ob-Gyn. No, I am not pregnant but she found out that I have an infection and probably it is the reason why my flow never came. She prescribed medication, an antibiotic and Provera (generic name: MedroxyprogesteroneThis is a hormone pill. It was given to me to treat my hormonal imbalance.

I got my period. BUT. Pimples started growing on my forehead and stayed there forever!

At first, It did not bother me. Then I realized to start doing something because it is getting WORSE!
I purchased the Anti-Acne Set of Celeteque because I heard a lot of positive reviews about it. I used it for over a month, nope it did not work for me.

Watch here my Skin Care Morning Routine ft. Celeteque and see how ugly my face because of my acne.

I even tried using bar soap like SafeGuard, Dr Alvin All in 1 Placenta set - Professional Skin Care Formula , Maxi-Peel and Flawless Anti-Acne Kit and Facial Treatment! None of these products worked on my problem. As my acne getting worst, I still couldn't find the right product to use.

But there were two products who work wonders for my acne!
Yes, these two were my companions for months. I use the Pond's Acne Clear Foam Cleanser at morning and night. While the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar to spot treat my active acne at night and it works like magic. One thing I hate about this Apple Cider Vinegar is it smells so bad even you put just a very tiny amount.

These two work for the outside and not the inside. Acne grows, I used these two, acne dried out, here comes another. It is like a cycle. And I am getting tired of it.

After two years of struggling, fighting, and finding the right product, I went to a dermatologist for a consultation. Yes, it is PRICEY but for now, I want to make sure I will say bye to my acne FOREVER!


On my first consultation, she gave me a prescription of Cloxacillin, basically, it is an antibiotic, which I need to take three times a day after meals for two weeks. Then, she gave me Clarifying Lotion # 1 and Acne Gel for spot treatment. She also told me that I will undergo a Tretinoin treatment or Accutane for 6 months so I have to monitor my Laboratory results, something for the blood and liver. The next consultation is in two weeks.

My Acne StoryMy Acne Story

With the antibiotic and topical treatments, I could tell that it got better. No more swollen red spots. Only the prominent dark spots which I know it is really hard to get rid off.

Left. Before treatment. Right. After two weeks of treatment.

On my second consultation, my doctor told me that I should avoid fatty foods. No more acne just marks. She said to just continue using Clarifying Lotion #2 and the Acne Gel but she gave me another product, the Hypo Liquid Soap. I got curious about the formula for this product and I found out that this product's formula almost the same with the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser.


I mentioned earlier that I will undergo Accutane treatment, on my second consultation, she already gave me a prescription for this treatment.

My Acne Story

One Isotretinoin pill a day for one month.

There are some precautions taking this medicine, if it happens you should STOP taking it. First, you should not be pregnant and avoid getting pregnant for one year. Second, do not take if you are having blurring visions especially at night. Third, severe redness of the skin, headache and back pain.
My doctor also said that it is acceptable to have dry lips and drying of skin when under medication of Isotretinoin. To prevent dry lips, she gave me  Araderm Ointment 2.

My Acne Story

It is Day 1 of taking Isotretinoin. Good thing I haven't had redness, blurry vision, and headache. It is only Day 1, I don't know where this treatment will take me. We'll see.

I will give you more update on this journey and hopefully, acne is gone by then.

Talk to you later!