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The Lost Deity is a blog which talks about my life, food ventures, and travels.

Hello! Welcome to my little hub. I am Zam Fuellos. Twenty-two. Living in the Philippines. 
I have created a lifestyle blog because I am sure that many can relate to someone's way of living. Also, this blog was created because it was my dream to write but fear was always blocking my way. It was November 2017 when I have decided to put up this blog and fulfill one of my dreams.

After graduating Mass Communication, I continue to study Bachelor of Laws.
Now, I set plans to become a full-time blogger while I pursue to become a lawyer.
I have plenty of things that I want to do in life. I have a long list on my Bucket List.
But remember...

“a dream without a plan is just a wish”

For inquiries and collaborations, email me at zfuellos@gmail.com. 

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